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Innovative Green Sustainable Bulk Packaging

Innovative Green Sustainable Bulk PackagingInnovative Green Sustainable Bulk Packaging

About Us


Our Roots

Caquin is a global importer and distributor of industrial packaging products and services. Over the last 40 years,  Caquin Group has helped  its customers tap into new markets, maintain their competitive advantage and drive greater efficiencies in their process through the application of creative and cutting-edge processing equipment and industrial packaging concepts.


Our Mission

Our goal goes beyond simply providing flexible and rigid packaging materials and processing equipment. We are committed to bringing innovation to our customers in the different industrial sectors in which we operate.  Our green thinking philosophy has always driven us to provide sustainable eco-friendly solutions.

Caquin Group specializes in industrial packaging and processing equipment solutions for the food product, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 


Strategic Locations

Caquin Group is headquartered in Miami,FL.

We operate distribution routes throughout all major cities and ports in North, Central and South America.

Historical Highlights


Aseptic Fruit Processing

CAQUIN (1980) exported its first fruit concentrate container.

Global Fruit Ingredients Supplier

CAQUIN (1990) begins operations as a broker between the best fruit processing companies in tropical fruit regions and top global brokers-dealers in NAM, Europe and Asia.

Horizontal and Vertical expansion

CAQUIN (2003) rapidly expanded into multiple divisions related to its core fruit concentrate business such as: Fruit Juice Concentrates, Juices and Purees; Food Processing - Industrial Packaging and Aseptic and Filling Equipment.

Tropical Fruit Processing

CAQUIN (2008) enters fruit processing manufacturing in 2008.

Present and Future

CAQUIN continues to supply industrial packaging and ingredients to customers primarily in the Americas and looking to expand its growth here and regaining territory in more packaging and processing venues.

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